1.         Unprecedented rains in the month of Aug 2013 led to a flood alert situation in Ernakulam, Thrissur and Idukki Districts of Kerala. The rise in water level in Idukki Dam and Mullaperiyar Dam was a pt of concern for villages in the vicinity of dams and low lying areas. The hvy rains also resulted in a number of landslides in Idukki district resulting in few vills getting cut off.

2.         Due to the severity of the situation the civ auths requisitioned aid from Army for carrying out rescue & relief ops.  Three colns consisting of 01 x JCO and 10 x OR each and a Sig Det of HQ K & K Sub Area under overall supervision of One Offr of MEG & Centre were airlifted to carry out relief ops in Ernakulam & Thrissur Districts of Kerala wef 06 Aug 2013 to 08 Aug 2013.

3.         Indn.   On 06 Aug 2013 at 0600 hrs two AN-32 aircraft took off for Kochi. Part stores of third Coln which could not be loaded in the ac were brought in the third sortie on 06 Aug 2013 at 1200 hr. The three colns thereafter moved to INS Vanduvarthy (Kochi), Aluva and Thrissur respectively by rd in civ tpt provided by civ adm.

Rescue/Relief Ops

4.         Coln No-1.

(a)       Str of 01 JCO  and 12 OR mov  on 06 Aug 2013 at 1230 hrs to Thrissur approx 80 kms from Kochi to join the Relief Coln of 93 Fd Regt.

(b)       The task force was kept as standby for three days for flood relief task.

(c)        On 07 Aug 2013 at 0930 hr, the Coln was moved to Manjakuzhi Br over Kurumali River l for clearing of water flood gates under the Bridge. The flow of water was obstructed as huge logs were trapped inside the gates due to which  the flow was restd and water was entering the houses on the banks/shores. The Coln cleared two gates of the debris and logs and the water flow was regulated through the gates. On arrival of the State Irrigation Dept team, the site was handed over to them for further clearing of the debris and logs.

5.         Coln No-2.    Str of 01xOffr, 01xJCO and 11xOR mov to Aluva approx 35 Kms from Kochi. The coln was provided accn by Civ Adm at YMCA Hostel, Aluva & was att with Inf Coln of 7 Madras .The coln was kept as standby for three days in case of eventuality arising wef 06 Aug2013 to 08 Aug 2013. On 07 Aug 2013 a recce of the Muvatipuzha, Kollamseri, Perumbavoor & Aluva area was carried out.

6.         Coln No-3.  Str of one JCO and 10 OR were kept as stand by at Southern Naval Comd, Kochi.

7.         De-induction.     De-requisition was recd on 08 Aug 2013. Due to non availability of air effort, the entire coln was ordered to be de-inducted by road leaving behind a det of one JCO and one NCO along with Flood Relief Stores of one coln in case of any emergency arising at a later stage. The coln and the vehs carrying stores reached MEG & Centre on 15 Aug 2013.

A 150 Ft DD Bailey Br was construced as aid to civ auth at Cennai.
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A 120 Ft DS Bailey Br was constructed as aid to civ auth at Sabarimala on 06 Oct 11 and handed over to Sabarimala Temple authorities on 17 Oct 11. Inspite of the difficult trn and inclement wx conditions close and efficient liaison and coord at all levels ensured an extremely smooth exec of the task in time. The constr of Br gave excellent opportunity to Thambis to further hone their tech skills and enhance   synergy with local populace and civil adm thereby contributing in reflecting positive image of the Army. Inauguration  of Bailey Br at Sabarimala was done on  07 Nov 11 by Shri Oommen Chandy, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Kerala with Maj Gen Subroto Mitra, SM,VSM, Offg  GOC, ATNK & K Area and Comdt MEG and Centre in attendence.

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MEG & Centre constructed a bridge across Cauvery River at Talakad on the occasion of Panchalinga darshan. On this occasion 8 to 10 lakh devotees have payed tributes at five temples viz Vaidyeswara, Pataleswara,Maruleswara, Mallikarjuneswara and Arakeswara temples.

To avoid congestion on the road traffic and also to reduce the distance of devotees by over 50 kms, the civil authorities requested the Army to construct a temporary foot bridge across river Cauvery.   Accordingly 150 x Indian Army troops of  MEG & Centre were promptly dispatched to Talakad.  The construction of 720 feet long Bailey Bridge on river Cauvery was completed in a short time frame of less than three days.  This was a great relief to the devotees as their traveling distance was reduced by approximately 50 kms and they were able to pay tributes at another prominent temple of Goddess Almelamma situated on the other bank of Cauvery River, which is a common belief amongst the devotees that it is compulsory to visit Almelamma temple after the visit of five Panchalinga temples to complete the auspicious circle.  All the civil authorities appreciated the work of the Task Force of  MEG.


The second column moved to Bijapur Dist to join with 17 JAKLI for the flood relief operation and were kept as standby where they carried out recce of the flood affected area at Bijapur. This sub column was deployed alongwith 17 JAKLI as standby for two days at Bijapur,

On 4th October 2009, the first sub column commenced its relief operation at village Hiremagi which was cut off from the road axis. A total of 375 villagers were evacuated to safer places. Also  large qty of food and other relief materials were also provided by the flood relief columns.

           Based on the request received from civil authorities, on 5th October,   another sub column moved to Bisanal village which was also cut off for more than three days.  The sub column ferried approx 4.5 tons of relief materials which includes packed meals, food grains, fresh vegetables, water and biscuit packets.

Flood Relief Bagalkot (KARNATAKA)

With the delayed monsoons and unprecedented continuous heavy rains in  North Karnataka in the first week of Oct 2009 especially in the Krishna, Tungabhadra and Malaprabha river basins,  the Bagalkot and Bijapur districts were severely affected with heavy floods along with other Dist in North Karnataka.  Almost all the villages along the banks of Krishna, Malaprabha and Tungabhadra rivers were inundated with floods.  Most of the villages were cut off as the lines of communication were either got washed away or got submerged under flood waters.  Due to the severity of the situation the civil authorities requisitioned aid from Army for carrying out rescue & relief operations.

Turkwangam Br 

Turkwangam Bridge (850 meter) in South Kashmir was constructed in the year 2005 by a combined task force of the Thambis of Madras Sappers Unit and the Public Works Department.

Maintenance of Thermal Power Plant, Panki, UP

Subsequent to a flash strike called by the NTPC staff, Madras Sappers Unit was called on for running the Thermal Plant to provide basic power to the Northern Grid. It ensured uninterrupted power supply during the emergency for two weeks.

Clearing the Oil Pipe Line in Assam

In 1980, oil operations in Assam came to a standstill because of terror spread by separatist elements (ULFA). To prevent damage to the pipeline, Madras Sappers Unit accomplished the task of flushing out the crude oil.

Bridge Construction in Kudremukh Iron Ore Project

The prestigious Kudremukh Iron Ore Project in Chickmagalur district of Karnataka was a time-bound project. The progress was dependent on timely construction of a bridge. The bridge was tipped on the far bank on 7 June, during a recorded rainfall of 7 inches and a wind velocity of 100 kmph.

240 Feet DS BSB on River Teesta

In 1969, Madras Sappers Unit, under comd of Maj Y Kumar constr Teesta Br, the longest eqpt br (240 ft). The Bailey Suspension Br was constr in a record time to est rd comn which had been cut off by floods. The orders for exec were given by the then Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi. The br was inaugurated by Lt Gen JS Arora on 05 Apr 1969.

Construction of Chushul Air Strip

Madras Sappers Units constructed an airstrip, at Chushul , on which, trial landings took place in July 1962. Thereafter , following the Chinese attack in October 1962, tanks were air-lifted from this airstrip. Keeping the airstrip operational by working the whole night was part of the engineers' task, as was mine laying, for which they had to carry mines on their backs to the hilltops at 18,000 feet. Forty years after the debacle, the Madras Sappers are still the preferred engineer troops for Ladakh.

Assam Rail Link Project

The creation of East Pakistan led to the disruption of road and rail communication. Madras Sappers Unit constructed a road link around East Pakistan via Shillong in November 1949.To link with the main lines, the Railways devised the Assam Rail Link Project of 143 miles ; the most difficult portion of which ( from Sevok to the River Gish) was constructed by Madras Sappers Unit of Madras Sappers.

Lalitpur Dam Project

This Herculean task, involving approximately 110 lakh cubic feet of earthwork, was successfully executed by Madras Sappers Unitof the Madras Sappers between August 1947 and August 1948.

The Oriental Building

Located on St. Marks Road, it was built by the Madras Sappers in the early years of the 20th century.

BRV Theatre on Cubbon Road

It was built in the Tudor style by the Madras Sappers in 1911. It has become the hub of business activities on Cubbon Road in Bangalore.

Anicut on the Godavari

Colonel Sir Arthur Cotton (1803 - 1899), Chief Engineer, Madras Presidency, recognized as the Father of Irrigation in South India, constructed a giant anicut of length 5,000 yards with several canals flowing from it , across the river at Dowlaiswaram, near Rajahmundry. This anicut hanged the Godavari delta from a dust bowl to a granary.