The Madras Sappers Group song has been a rallying force for All Ranks of the Group. It is ingrained into the hearts of recruits from the day they become Madras Sappers. The song is sung with reverence during Sainik Sammelans of all Madras Sapper units.

Tamil English Translation

Vetri Vetri Ethilum Vertri
Thambi – Sendra Kaalngal Muzhudum
Engum Vetri Ethilum Vetri
Thambi Sapperske (Vetri)

Bharathathin Ellaikakka Munne Selluvom
Parmuzhuthum Sappers Paniyil Peryarai Velluvom
Pooti Vilaiyattu Ethilium Vetri Kolluvom
Madras Sappers Endru CholliNimirandu Nilluvom (Vetri)

Ethanaiyo Sadanaigal 
Engum Sappers Thambigal (Ethnaiyo)
Athanaikkum Thunivu Engal
Talayil Doopta Magudangal

Emadhu Padaiyai Ethire Kondu
Ethirkka Evanum Pirakkamattan
Velga Velga Velga Madras Sappers 
Vazhga Velgave.. (Vetri)

Victory Victory, Victory in all fields.
Thambis –sent anywhere, are victorious in all ventures. 
It is always victory for Thambi Sappers……

When called to safeguard our borders, we will be in the forefront.
When called for any missions abroad, we will establish our names there.
We will be victorious in all competitions.
We are always proud to be Madras Sappers.

Thambis have many achievements and are ready to make many more.
Hence we wear the Doopta on our heads as a crown.

There are none to face our might
Nor will there be any…..
Win, Win, Madras Sappers
Long live Madras Sappers…..

Military Band

Lance Havildar (Later Subedar Maj and Honorary Lieutenant) Peter was the first Band Master of the Madras Sappers Military Band which was raised in 1951, with 30 bandsmen. The Band has played at Republic Day Parades on numerous occasions. It was also selected as the Rashtrapati Bhavan Ceremonial Band in 1992.


Pipe Band

The Madras Sappers Pipes and Drums Band was raised in the year 1934 and commanded by British bandmaster White. Since then, this Band has performed in various parades and ceremonies like the Republic Day Parade, the South Asian Games in 1987 and the Afro – Asian Games in 2003.

Pongal & Onam Celebration

Onam and Pongal are traditionally celebrated amongst units of the Madras Engineer Group as major festivals and are typically characterized by sumptuous meals that are offered to invitees. 

Onam is celebrated in the month of Chingam (August – September) to honour Mahabali, a benevolent king from Kerala. It is popular belief that Mahabali visits his people during the harvest season every year.

Pongal is the harvest festival celebrated in Tamilnadu during the month of January. The celebration carries on for four days wherein , each day has a special significance.


‘Dining In’ of  Young Officers

An interesting tradition followed during the ‘Dining –In’ of Young Officers is that they are all required to individually lift a bell (brought from Burma in 1885, and weighing over 60 kgs) off it’s stand, place it on the floor and back again onto it’s stand.The traditional ’Sapper Punch’ imbibed by the Young Officers contributes in no small measure to the display of this feat of strength.




Madras Sappers Officers’ Association Day
The object of the Madras Sappers Officers’ Association was to act, as far as possible as a mutual aid society and to keep members in touch with each other. Any one who has served as an officer with the Madras Sappers is eligible for the membership.

The first President of the association was Brigadier RGR Hill, DSO, Colonel Commandant, Royal Indian Engineers; with the Commandant and all past Commandants of the Madras Sappers being Vice - Presidents. There were to be two main committees; the India Committee being presided over by the Commandant and the United Kingdom Committee presided over by an officer of the Royal Engineers. 

Madras Sappers Officers’ Association’s get-together is now organized regularly on 30 September every year.


Addressing Jawans as ‘THAMBI’

In Tamil, the official language of the Madras Sappers , ‘ Thambi ’ means ‘ Younger Brother ’. Jawans are therefore affectionately called by this name.